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juin 04, 2012

First Tango in Hong Kong

Last week I danced Tango in Hong Kong.

I love that kind of sentence, it make feel a bit like Hemingway sometimes, you know travelling around... (except this time, I eated the goose but did not hunt it ;-)

Like everytime I travelled, I had to go and dance locally.

Very good surprise indeed, Hong Kong tango world is small but pretty good, very warm and welcoming.

First of all, you can dance everynight if you want there is always between one or two places to dance.

To get milonga information, I recommend the very reliable


and in addition


I stayed only five days but went dancing every night.

Second, Hong Kong milongueros danced pretty good tango. Almost only milonguero Style but with a very good tango spirit. The ball is quite harmonious, they listen the music and respect each over. I had really good moments.

Talking with the local it seems taht they benefit from good argentinian teachers that visit them easily. They clear the ballroom during the cortina but there are not extremist in tango tradition (no cabeceo enforced).

Ages are quite consistent, i would say but 28 and 40ish mainly, it seems older generation did get into tango.

Small tango communities are generally more friendly than large ones, because choice is very limited otherwise, but anyhow the atmosphere is really nice and friendly.

Third, tango place are really good, most of them take place in dance studios, the floor are pecfect and the sound really excellent (although the discography are pretty limited).

Foreigners are really welcome, organizers and dancers were friendly.

Special thanks to and Kaiyu for their welcome and information.

A short review of the milongas I had been :

- first wenesday milonga only very nice studio small milonga 30 dancer maybe

- thursday : It was the best experience larger

friday less interesting one

saturday pretty good, the larger and longer one

Conclusion : Hong Kong is defenitively a place I could live and dance ;-)

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